the diamonds on skid row.

a (somewhat) personal tumblog of ROCELLO.

If you ask me, expressing yourself means taking that first step out of your comfort zone and stating your claim on the world. We say “Here I am, and this is what I have to say!” We all have done it. We notice how the world operates and we wanna change that. Opening up our arms and using our voice in great magnitude. Expressing yourself is powerful and requires much strength and courage.

But many times in life we have those small moments of hesitation. Those moments where we are about to cross that line out of safety. We feel scared like we want to retreat back on our bed or blend in the camouflage faces of society.  It’s the fight or flight instinct we know very well. And it’s an easy decision to make if you’re brave enough.  

The tingling fingers, the butterfly stomach. Then comes the voice that stops the crowd of chatter. Here you are. There you are. Let them know what you have to say. The light slowly rises behind you. You lift your head up and your hands gesture along with your words. A smile crosses your face. After you finish what you have to say, you look out into the crowd waiting for a response… 

… a response that doesn’t matter. You said what you need to say. Drop the mike. Get off the stage. Relax your muscles. You’ve expressed yourself.

Do we cross that finish line or do we run along with the rest of the human race? Do we stand out and accept ourselves fully and whole heartedly.